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Donations, Recycled PC

Your donations are the heart of our non-profit organization.

Recycled-PC, Inc. is a non-profit corporation with 501(c)3 status, and your monetary and equipment donations are fully tax deductible.

We accept your charitable donations, please mail checks directly to our address. We also accept online donations using Paypal, a secure and convenient way to donate.

In addition, we accept your donations of equipment that is new or in good working condition. Please contact us about non-working computers that we might be able to use for parts.

Donate Today

Thank you for your help in keeping computers out of the landfill and putting them in the hands of individuals and charitable organizations who can benefit from a free, refurbished computer system.

Drop-off and Pickup Arrangements

Recycled-PC, Inc. serves Northern Colorado. Currently we are not able to pick up or deliver equipment. Please contact us to make arrangements to drop-off or to pick up equipment.

Donate Your Equipment / Software

Recycled-PC, Inc. accepts the following:

  • Computers, both desktops and laptops, Pentium 3, 700Mhz and/or higher is preferred
  • CRT monitors, 17" to 19"
  • Printers
  • Original windows installation CDs (Windows 2000 and higher)
  • Original software installation CDs (applications, word processors, games, etc.)

In addition, these peripherals are needed:

  • Hard drives, 40GB or higher
  • Keyboards and mice
  • Computer speakers
  • Optical drives
  • Modems
  • Network cards
  • Network routers
  • Network switches

Recycled-PC, Inc. does not accept the following:

  • Broken or poorly working CRT monitors
  • Monochrome CRT monitors
  • CRT monitors 15" or less in size
  • Broken printers
  • Televisions

Important Notice

Due to governmental regulations regarding non-profits, please be aware that when you donate money to Recycled-PC, Inc., you will be ineligible at any time in the future to request a computer system. This regulation does not apply to you if you donate equipment, however.

Keep your computers out of the landfill and donate to Recycled PC!


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